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Windows Web Hosting Plans

  • Unlimited webhosting, all you need for your web site
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth / Transfer
  • Free Plesk Control Panel
  • Unlimited POP IMAP SMTP & WebMail
  • Free FrontPage extensions
  • Unlimited MySQL, MSSQL, Access
  • Free Web Stats
  • Instant Free Setup
  • Starting at $2.95 per month

Included Features

backup Instant backups Every server in out fleet has a Raid1 setup that provides instant backups. We also have a weekly offsite backup.
Superb customer  support and help centre included with your reseller hosting account No contract! We have no contracts and no hidden fees! You are free to cancel your web hosting at any time without cancellation fees.
Unsurpassed  uptime and performance comes with the Donhost hosting network 99.9% uptime guarantee We guarantee that your site will be up 99.9% of the time we host it. This guarantee includes both network and server failures. If your site isn't up 99.9% in any one month we will issue a full  refund for the month.
dollar 30 day money back guarantee We guarantee that if for any reason during your first month with us you decide to cancel we will issue a full refund within 24 hours.
Personalised  server host names and name servers for professional resellers Free / Instant  setup All accounts have FREE setup, and will be created automatically .

Domain / FTP Features 

Unlimited  Sub-domains Unlimited Sub-domains A normal domain name looks like www.domain.com a sub domain looks like sub.domain.com.
Unlimited FTP  Accounts Unlimited FTP Accounts FTP stands for File transfer protocol. Having multiple ftp accounts will allow you to give friends and employees their own FTP account. This will allow you to give them as little or as much access to your website as you choose.

Anonymous ftp
Anonymous ftp allows the public to upload, download, or view files in a specified directory.

Supported Features 

Unlimited  MySQL Databases Unlimited MySQL Databases MySql is the world's most popular open source database. Many forums and other database driven programs require MySql to run.

Unlimited MSSQL Databases
(2005/2008), Unlimited database Numbers and Size

Common Gateway Interface allows for your programs to be used with HTTP daemons. Most websites use multiple cgi scripts. You will get a cgi-bin; however your cgi scripts will work both inside and outside of it.

4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0, 1.1

PHP 5.x.x Php is a server side HTML embedded scripting language. We getting closer to the end of the world please check version at our cPanel.

Perl is a language that runs with CGI.

Python is a programming/scripting language that can be used on many different computers and operating systems.

Server Side includes, refers to Perl based HTML commands that direct a server to generate on-the-fly contact for web pages.
Free Cron Jobs Cron Crontab is a process in Unix systems that uses a Daemon called cron to execute commands for the user at a certain time.
FREE  FrontPage Extensions FrontPage We support all version of Microsoft FrontPage. FrontPage is a website creation tool that can be used to both create and upload your site when FP extensions are installed.
Curl Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with url syntax.
GD Library GD is an ANSI library dynamic creation of images. GD  creates PNG and JPEG images, among other formats.  We stay up to date with the latest GD version.
ImageMagick ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many formats. We stay up to date on the latest version.
Streaming video and music We support Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Media player allowing you to run streaming audio and video.


Unlimited  Pop3 accounts Unlimited Pop3 accounts POP accounts are used to send and receive emails through programs such as Outlook Express and Eudora.
Web Mail Web Mail We use Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail. Web mail allows you to send and receive emails online by going to yoursite.com/webmail
Unlimited  E-mail alias Unlimited E-mail alias Mail box aliases will allow you to setup multiple email addresses to go to a single mail box.
Unlimited  Auto responders Unlimited Auto responders You can setup unlimited  email addresses so when they receive mail they will automatically reply back with your message.
Unlimited Mailing  list Unlimited Mailing list Have a group of people you regularly mail? Add them to a mailing list so you can email them faster and easier.
Catch All Catch All A catch all email address will receive all emails delivered to non existent email addresses.
Spam Assassin Spam Assassin If you enable Spam Assasin it will block most spam from reaching your e-mail.
Unlimited Mail  Forward Unlimited Mail Forward You can setup unlimited mail forwarder. Doing this will forward all your mail to any email address you wish.
IMAP IMAP We support Internet Message Access Protocol. "IMAP permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local."
SMTP We allow you to use our servers to send outgoing mail.

Control Panel Features

plesk Latest Plesk Plesk will be your hosting control panel allows you to monitor the amount of bandwidth used, space used, create e-mail addresses, sub domains, MySql databases, and much more instantly! Control Panel Demo Login info: client / panel
Hotlink Protection Hotlinking is when another site is linking to your images or files. Hotlink protection will stop them from stealing your bandwidth.
Ip deny manager IP deny manager allows you to block whoever you want from being able to visit your site.
Custom Error pages Allows you to make a custom error page for anyone who visits a not existent page of your site.
Redirect Url Lets you redirect pages of your site to any url you want.
web based ftp You can upload your files directly from our control panel.
PW Protected Directrories Password protect a directory and nobody can view its contents without a password.
phpMyAdmin All accounts come with phpMyAdmin preinstalled.  PhpMyAdmin allows for easy management of your databases.

Web / FTP Statistics

AWStats with real time updates

1. No more waiting 24 hours for your stats to update. You can update them to be real time!
2. Get the most accurate Unique Visitors and Click Paths information in the industry.
3. See where your traffic is coming from - search engines, banner ads, referrals, email campaigns and more
4. Analyze downloads, bandwidth usage, errors, and much more that is only possible with software-based web analytics.

You can read more about AWStats here

Webalizer Webalizer displays in depth traffic statistics for your site.  You can read more on it here
Raw log Access You will have access to download your sites raw logs.
Referrer log The referrer log will  tell you what sites your traffic is coming from.
Error log The error log will tell you if anyone is getting errors and where.
Analog Analog is the most popular logfile analyzer in the world. You can read more here.


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